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Why Use Watch Movies Online?

One of the most common uses of the internet is streaming movies and TV shows. This website is made to be a one stop shop for just that. No we don't have a name like 123movies, Putlocker, Fmovies, GoMovies or Soap2day; because you're here to do one thing, watch movies and shows online. So instead of using the same old websites, bouncing around, trying to find the best quality, or latest movies and episodes, you can just visit watchmovies.onl and you'll know that we've collected everything on 123movies, Putlocker, Soap2day, Fmovies, Gomovies, and more; plus movies and TV series that aren't available anywhere else.

Using Watch Movies & Shows is easy and simple. Use our intuitive search function to find something you're ready to watch, or browse the site to find a movie or TV show to your liking. There's an unlimited library of TV series with full episodes and full movies, and all of it's in HD!

We're so confident that Watch Movies & Shows is the best site for watching free movies and series, that below we'll give you a comprehensive list of the most popular streaming websites online. Check them out and we know you'll be back!

Where to Watch Movies Online?


The most popular site to watch free movies online is 123movies. The latest version can be found at 123movies.boo


Perhaps the most popular website for watching TV series with full episodes is Soap2Day. It's known for having fast updates for TV shows and the official version of Soap2day can be found at soap2day.moe.


The original streaming site is Putlocker. It's been around for over a decade, and has changed domains many times. The official Putlocker is available at putlocker.lat.


Fmovies, which stands for free movies, can be tried out at fmovies.sh.


A spinoff of the original 123movies, GoMovies has been available since the first 123movies shutdown. The official website of Gomovies is at gomovies.ac.


It's basically the same as 123movies and you can tell just by the name. The official website of Movies123 is at movies123.lat.


Yesmovies originally started off as a clone of Fmovies many years ago. It has since changed into it's own site design and can be found at yesmovies.gdn.


Cmovies or sometimes referred to as CmoviesHD, has an unlimited selection of HD movies to watch. It's newer and has a similar layout to 123movies.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time, AKA "The Netflix Killer", was once a feared app by all of the major streaming applications. It has since been forked many times, shut down, brought back, and so on. The original Popcorn Time can be found at popcorntime.co.


If you are someone who has trouble finding movies or series to watch, then this is the best site for you. FairFan offers a library built of every streaming app available in your country, and gives you links to watch them legally. It has an amazing search and browse function as well as a more curated site than we've seen yet. We highly recommend using FairFan even if you like piracy sites because it's great for finding new things to watch based on your likes, dislikes, and viewing, even on your legal apps. You can try out FairFan here.


You may not know this, but hulu originally started off as a free watch to watch TV series online and after becoming popular legitimized itself with network partnerships. Today hulu offers movies, TV series, live TV and sports all in one app!


Netflix started as a mail delivery of DVD's and now has become the largest streaming app, outside of Youtube, in the entire world. Netflix also has an in-house studio now producing some of the biggest TV shows available today.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime gives you not only a large library of movies and TV shows but also free overnight shipping on Amazon Prime products. It's video streaming service is competent when compared to longer existing services like Netflix and hulu.


Youtube isn't known for it's movie collection, however it has some free movies and series you can watch as well as the ability to rent or purchase almost any major movie or TV series.